Deans Place is one of the greatest locations to gamble in the USA, especially within Las Vegas. The slot machines are set loose and big wins are common. Playing slots allows you the opportunity to sign up, free of cost, to belong to their in house Players Loyalty Program. Contest Free Money and you could be the next big winner

As a player at Deans Place, you insert your personal players card and automatically you start earning points as you gamble. There are multiple ways to receive benefits contests free money for gambling at Deans Place. These additional ways are above and beyond the free drinks offered to real players.

Stop into Deans Place, get your free Players Card and start winning . . .

As you play, your points are calculated automatically and each month you are given a Players Free Play reward which you can use to play in any of the slot machines at Deans Place. These amounts range from a few dollars ($25) to $500 or more each month. Your Players Free Play monthly awards is a direct relationship to the amount of time / money you have gambled

Deans Place Cash Contest Players Rewards and more
Earn Free Play rewards 24/7 at Deans Place. As they say, the more you play the more you receive.
Players Card Deans Place best gambling in Las Vegas
Deans Place Players Card – Get Yours

Additionally, each week on Monday night, two separate drawings, Player Contest Weekly Drawings, are held. These drawings automatically take the players card numbers and randomly select a winner for each of the two drawings each Monday. The winners receive cash amounts which are placed on your card and you can use to play on any slot machine at Deans Place. The cash prizes start at $100 for each drawing and should the person who is drawn not be present, the drawing will be continued to the following week and Deans Place will add $100 more to the prize amount. There is no top amount the weekly drawings can go to. Over the years many times the drawing amounts have been way more than $1,000.00.

There are many other ways to be rewarded at Deans Place. For those who gamble larger amounts there are food deals available.

Periodically, other contests, events and interesting opportunities arise where the participants at Deans Place can receive some excellent gifts, money, food, specials and a lot more.

Come by Deans Place, start the rewards, free contests, free play and start winning . . .

Cash at Deans Place, come get yours.
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