The menu (see below) at Deans Place is only a few pages, however it is packed with some of the best northern and southern Italian food in Las Vegas / America. Our friendly staff will help you if you need.

Deans Place is proud to still use those traditional ways of cooking to deliver excellent dishes fit for anyone’s taste. The flavors coupled with the aroma will take you back to the mornings at Grandma’s in Italy.

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We are passionate about delivering to our customers the finest quality we can, 24/7. All of our dishes are also available for take out. Enjoy the airy and bright restaurant as you savor every bite. Every day we have a special designed to entice your taste buds. Try the signature dishes or the nightly dinner specials, as well as the daily soup specials. We pull out all stops letting you know you are in for something special with you dine at Deans Place.

Every day there is new food experience. A modern version on traditional Italian cuisine is offered 24/7. Our wine program features a great selection to make the meal even more special, but do not shy away from the cocktails. A tempting assortment of wines, beer, and house-made cocktails give you endless ways to treat yourself. We invite you to sit back and savor every bite, sip, and moment as you enjoy the menu items from Deans Place.

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Close your eyes and fell like being transported to Italy. The dinner plate-sized chicken Parm is literally to die for. For those looking for a taste of home, we hope you make Deans Place you new home for food, drinks and gaming. Even the pickiest Italian diners will love Deans Place.

Perfectly executed breakfast, lunch, dinner, 24/7 menu selections are priced affordable placing Deans Place a must for all you food enthusiasts. Good sized heaping portions will waken your appetite. Remember to leave room for the outstanding desserts.

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Menu Deans Place – Food 24/7

Appetizers – Soups & Salads
See Deans Place Appetizers – Soups & Salads and prices

Pasta & Risotto – Specialties
See Deans Place Pasta & Risotto – Specialties and prices

Pizzas – Sandwiches
See Deans Place Pizzas – Sandwiches and prices

Desserts 24/7 – Breakfasts 11p/11a until 2p Sat & Sun
See Deans Place Desserts – Breakfast and prices

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