Deans Place is proud to give back to the community in several ways. One of the ways Deans Place is supporting Las Vegas and the surrounding area is through Rotary. Rotary is the oldest service organization in the world, starting in 1905 in Illinois, USA.

Being a charter member of Las Vegas WON Rotary Club, this 501c3 charity service organization is a leader in helping those less fortunate. See at the bottom of this page some of the great programs members of our club proudly participate to make Las Vegas a better city for all.

Las Vegas WON Rotary Club

Las Vegas WON Rotary Club, was Chartered on April 8, 2016 with 125 members. Since 1905, the year Rotary was created, Las Vegas WON Rotary Club outperformed all 37,000+ previously chartered Rotary clubs in the 112-year-old Rotary history with a starting membership of 125.

For clarification, the word WON stands for “WHERE OPPORTUNITY NETWORKS.” The Club objective was to build a new, revolutionary type Rotary Club which fits with the needs of the 21st century.

By creating a new style Rotary Club which has been adopted by the other 37,000+ clubs worldwide, the sky is the limit to help others in more efficient, 21st century versions.

Even though this Rotary Club is somewhat new compared to other Rotary Clubs, we have been able to create many projects which help thousands of people throughout the Las Vegas area. The Las Vegas WON Rotary Club major projects are listed below.

EHIV – End Hunger in Vegas (meals provided to more than 100,000)

Virtual Toy Drive

Reed – Cuban Assistance Program

Airmen night out, 500 free baseball tickets

CC Ronnow Elementary School

Computers to Schools

DG Randy Pote Slipper Drive

donate to 501c3 Las Vegas WON Rotary Club Foundation

A recap of what makes Las Vegas WON Rotary Club unique helps explain how we can help so many people who are in need. Sure we have the record of 125 members for a new Charter, but let us look deeper.

  1. No Attendance Policy
  2. Live Video of Meetings and videos stored online for future review
  3. No Fines
  4. Flexible Meeting schedules
  5. Extremely Low Monthly Membership Cost, less than a $1 a day
  6. No Geographic Boundaries
  7. No Mandatory Participation
  8. Anyone can quickly become President or Board Member – business is highly encouraged
  1. Any issue costing more than $500 must be voted on by entire club
  2. New members are presented to club and become a member in 72 hours
  3. Monthly networking events: Socials, Retreats, Parties, Field Trips
  4. Minimum age to be a member is 18.
  5. Expand Networking Connections – business is highly encouraged
Deans Place Las Vegas WON Rotary Club Member
Las Vegas WON Rotary Club Wheel

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